Celestial Sphere
Samma van klaarbergen celestial sphere final

Final piece! I really like how it ended up looking.

Samma van klaarbergen inprogress

The early development of the shot. I wanted something library-like, with a fancy looking interior and warm colors. I also wanted something with a sphere in the middle of the room. I went with a celestial sphere as big as a house.

Samma van klaarbergen designwork

Some design sketches. I made many more of these. I'll share them in one of the next in the series

Samma van klaarbergen relightedscene

the 3D model I finally went with. All of this is done in sketchup. The sphere ended up becoming an aquarium since I thought the sphere itself could use something more interesting.

Samma van klaarbergen processgif

The process of the piece. I didn't save much at the frustrating parts so there's some missing but I think it's pretty clear :)

Celestial Sphere

I've been working on this the last few weeks off and on. This is the start of a personal project that goes on a small journey with these characters. More is coming soon. I don't want to fill in too much of the story since I like it to be up to you to figure out what's happening :)

My buddy Harm-Jan Wiechers made his own interpretation of the painting with a lovely musical piece: http://bit.ly/2w7djnQ

More artwork
Samma van klaarbergen musical chasm repaint finalSamma van klaarbergen lake cabinSamma van klaarbergen big birds in a small cage8