Musical Chasm - Revisited
Samma van klaarbergen musical chasm repaint final
Samma van klaarbergen chasm repaint extra

I often start with very simple compositions ideas. I need to know if the simple foundation of a drawing will work. Then If I think it looks promising I will start work from that base

Samma van klaarbergen musical chasm repaintsteps

Process Gif. I painted over the original since I could easily use some of the colors again.

Musical Chasm - Revisited

I came across an old painting I had done, and I remember how fond I was of the mood and ideas. I just was very inexperienced back then and made many (technical) mistakes. I wanted to see if I could redo it and improve on it while keeping the mood similar. The story changed a little bit based on new experiences. It's not perfect now and I'm sure I could improve it with more time, but I decided to move on to the next now. Hope you like it! :)

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