The lake cabin
Samma van klaarbergen lake cabin
Samma van klaarbergen closeup


Samma van klaarbergen main sketch

Main initial sketch. Really fond of how the simple lines give so much suggestion

Samma van klaarbergen modelshow

made a simple 3 model to work off of in Sketchup. using color wasn't really necessary but always helpful with visualising what might work

Samma van klaarbergen sketchesandboard

Some sketches and inpirations I planned to use. I ended up using some of the shapes but not the atmosphere. wanted to get a bit of a night mood going.

Samma van klaarbergen procesgif lakecabin

Process Gif. This is one of the fastest ones I've done. Didn't really need to play with the colors since I got it in the first go

The lake cabin

Third entry into my personal project. Really happy with how this turned out!
Now that I have 3 environment pieces done I'm moving towards more close up stuff and some character definition.

Last piece:

More artwork
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