Remini township
Samma van klaarbergen townfinalexport2
Samma van klaarbergen closeup1

Closeup 1

Samma van klaarbergen closeup2

Closeup 2

Samma van klaarbergen townredesignboardexport

Some inspiration I used to find a fitting mood and certain shapes

Samma van klaarbergen townsteps

Building blocks. Using sketchup to make a model, seeing what might work for the picture and early development. I then used different renders such as ambient, shadow and separate lines to get the blocks shaded. This saved a lot of time.

Samma van klaarbergen towngif

Process Gif. Here are the steps I took to get where I wanted. Pretty straightforward. Kept it relatively focused throughout.

Samma van klaarbergen town

Original old drawing (by request :) )

Remini township

I found a really old drawing I did when I was young. This drawing had a crazy amount of little guys and buildings with little wooden beams and such. It was back when I was a big fan of the videogame Knights and Merchants. I wanted to revisit it with my current skillset and this is what came out of it

More artwork
Samma van klaarbergen crop4Samma van klaarbergen crop6Samma van klaarbergen crop5 2